What we can offer to Mobile Operators

What we can offer to Mobile Operators
July 10, 2017 Optimetriks

What we can offer to Mobile Operators

As we participate in the GSMA M360 conference, we wanted to share some thoughts on how we believe we are uniquely positioned to meet some of the operators needs :

  • Improving distribution costs efficiency : operators are facing huge investment constraints to keep up with the new data standards and meet growing customer appetite. At the same time, competition has increased, taxes are levied and OTT have destroyed some revenue streams. They are looking for ways to maintain profitability. Distribution costs are usually the first line of Opex, from commissions to the dealers/retailers, to having a large force of freelancers and sales representatives and the trade marketing expenses. At Optimetriks, we can help the operator outsource the data collection part of the sales rep to our community of users, sometimes the very customers of the operators. By measuring precisely KPIs on numerical distribution, deployment of campaigns, availability of products like Scratch cards or SIM cards, we help the operator assess the quality of the performance of its distributor and sales rep and base the commission scheme not only on primary targets, but on a wider set of KPIs
  • Ensuring a consistent customer experience at agent level : in sub saharan Africa, roughly 90% of customers are on prepaid. They access the products from the operators daily through agents/outlets, be it for airtime or mobile money. It is therefore essential for mobile operators to ensure a smooth customer experience at that stage. It can be mean to have a proper branding to be visible, to display the right information such as mobile money pricing poster, to have customer education leaflets, ensure the agent has been trained on how to user the products, the compliance process is respected, like signing the log book, etc. At Optimetriks, by taking pictures of the shops and sending mystery customers to the shop, we can help measure that and ensure a perfect customer experience at these touch points.
  • Capturing untapped sales opportunities : today, all mobile operators will acknowledge that there might be missing some sales opportunities due to distribution. The key issue being the out of stock, agents or shops that are not serviced by the distributors, while they are willing to distribute the product. This is particularly true in rural areas where last mile distribution is costly and challenging. Optimetriks can clearly help locate unserved shops, identify out of stocks, assess how often the agents are visited and help improve the distribution
  • Gathering real time market intelligence : As any FMCG, mobile operators need data to measure how they are competing in the market with other operators. One of the dimension is to know how your performance at shop level relates to your competitors. Does the agent keep more stock of you or of your competitor? That can be tracked by our visits as well in real time.

The dimensions relate to the GSMA report already mentioned : https://www.gsma.com/mobilefordevelopment/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Opening-Doors.pdf


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