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Know in real time where and how your products are distributed in the market


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Ask questions to our community

Thanks to our crowdsourcing set up, we leverage a large community of field contributors who instantly respond to your data requirements.

  • Proprietary Android App and Messenger chatbot
  • Various data types : GPS, pictures, audio, quanti, etc
  • On demand questionnaire
  • Statistical expertise to ensure samples are significant

Strong monitoring to ensure data quality

We guarantee a high quality of data thanks to our various protocols. Avoid taking information on biased information. Get reliable and up to data to drive your operational distribution plans.

  • Use of artificial intelligence to extract information from pictures
  • Second human check done by our back office
  • Rating and incentive schemes for our contributors on their submissions
  • High volume of crowdsourced data reduces margin of error


Visualize results through analytical dashboards

Our solution is end to end. Benefit from state of the art data visualisation to understand quickly and easily the results of your questions.

  • Get results live on our user friendly web dashboards
  • Multiple visualisation types supported (graphs, maps, etc.)
  • Online and offline formats supported
  • Track operational effectiveness of action plans