Scientific Outlet Census

Scientific Outlet Census


Conducting an outlet census is the first step in the definition of a route to market strategy. It enables you to know precisely the universe size in terms of how many outlets sell your product categories, your products and the ones of your competitors. With our application, we are also able to capture the precise GPS location, the contact detail and the outlet pictures that serve to constitute a comprehensive database to build the distribution routes. It is a highly labour intensive work, that needs to be done thoroughly. The key challenge is the management of field interviews to cover all streets of a city with no precise urban planning.

We have developed a proprietary methodology that enables us to propose to our clients a scientific approach to a city mapping :

  1. using automated calculation, we extract all the streets that constitute a city (picture 1)
  2. our interviewers go on the field on every area and collect information on all eligible outlet using our application
  3. information captured is then reviewed and pictures checked through our interface (picture 2)
  4. results are displayed on our web dashboards (picture 3)

We have conducted several census for our clients, in Cameroon, Kenya, DRC and Ghana and a proprietary one  of all retail outlets in Nairobi, across 5,000 km of streets, identifying more than 80,000 shops with their key characteristics (type, product categories sold, names, etc).

Picture 1: Sample of Accra Streets

Picture 2: Monitoring the interviewer movement

Picture 3: Visualising the results on web dashboards. Example with Nairobi census.