Getting to know our contributors : meet Simon

Getting to know our contributors : meet Simon
July 9, 2017 Optimetriks

Getting to know our contributors : meet Simon

Our business model relies on crowdsourcing, meaning the ability to tap into a large community of users to generate insights on how Fast Moving Consumer Goods are distributed in the market.

The way we are able to engage our users to go to shops, take pictures and collect information is that we offer them financial incentives to do so.

It is essential in our set up to make sure our users earn enough to stay engaged in responding quickly to the missions we push to them. We are therefore closely monitoring how much they make and how they spend the money given.

It is in that background that we want to introduce the contributors’ diaries, which will be a way for us to communicate stories of our users, and their financial profiles.

We are starting this month with Simon Ekoku, 25, from Uganda

Lived in Uganda his entire life

“I’m a Ugandan. I was born in Soroti, but moved to Kampala in 2002 when I was young and grew up there. I finished my studies in 2015 from Makere University in Kampala

Working in business with family

 “I work as a Marketing executive for the printing company of my uncle. I have been working with him for the last 4 years, along with my studies and now my missions/projects with Optimetriks”

Innovation is a key

 “I like the idea that by using the Optimetriks app, we can collect data faster and accurately. Actually, it makes the data collection and conduction of interviews easier for me on the field when I speak with shopkeepers”

Money transfer from one business sector to another

 “Thanks to the money I earned from my missions conducted through the Optimetriks app, I was able to send money back home in Soroti to develop our family agro business. It also allows me to go out more with my friends”