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Our Mission

Optimetriks is a start-up that was founded in 2015 with the ambition to transform the way the Africa’s traditional retail operates. From our past working experiences in Africa in consultancies and mobile operators, we have witnessed the disconnect between the Fast Moving Consumer Goods brands, their distributors and the millions of retailers that distribute their products.

That results in poor data insights and measurement of the execution at the store level, frequent out of stock, a high cost of distribution, inefficiencies and eventually an inconsistent consumer experience, weakening the brand value proposition.

Managing large distribution networks in the traditional trade in Africa is a real challenge. Our vision is to bridge that gap and develop a platform that enables the FMCG brands to be directly in touch with the retailers to improve their stock availability, to provide them with working capital loans and get real time market insights. 

Being a start-up means we aim to design a scalable platform that can work across Africa, and eventually be deployed in other similar emerging markets. This is to be achieved through the right use of state of the art class technology standards, in user interface design, data science visualisation and analytics, image recognition algorithms, etc.

Our Team

Our Offices in Paris and Nairobi

In Paris, we work from the Station F, a beautiful former railway station turned into a vibrant tech incubation structure

In Nairobi, our offices are just 200m from the famous Nairobi tech incubator iHub, on Galana Road.

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