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Our Mission

Optimetriks is a start-up that was founded in 2015 with the ambition to transform Africa’s traditional trade distribution. From our past working experiences in consultancies and mobile operators on the continent, we had a first hand experiment on the data gaps that make it so difficult for consumer goods brands to properly serve at a large scale the customers that want to access their products.

In Africa, 90% of the sales happen through millions of small retailers. Such fragmented retail, combined with manual processes and a lack of reliable data measurement translates into frequent out of stock, a high cost of distribution, inefficiencies and eventually a poor and inconsistent consumer experience at the outlet.

Our vision is to leverage the increased smartphone penetration and technology to digitise the sales processes, making them more efficient and paving the way for better support from brands to their distribution network, in the form of more frequent visits, quicker issue resolution, implementation of loyalty programs and working capital loans.


Connecting the dots

Our tagline means 4 different things:

> Be scalable and operate on a large scale. Dots are data points you can collect everywhere, from a Whatsapp conversation, to an app submission and an outlet shelf picture. We gather data from hundred of thousands of users and retailers in real time.

> Create value for all actors of the distribution ecosystem. By enabling effective communication and exchanging of information between the sales representatives, the retailers, the distributors and the consumer goods brands, we create value for everyone. We help build a 360 degree understanding of the situation, bringing productivity gains.

> Be data driven. At the core of our value proposition, is the ability to source and make sense of large date flows through state of the art  tools such as image recognition algorithms, machine learning route optimisations, user friendly business intelligence visualisations, live geo tracking, etc.

> Be creative. Connecting the dots can also mean finding creative links and responses to difficult problems. We are curious and passionate about helping our clients in the difficult environments they operate through an innovative and technology driven approach.

Our Team

Our Offices in Paris and Nairobi

In Paris, our offices are located in a start-up incubator at the 14, rue Soleillet (75020).

In Nairobi, our offices are just 200m from the famous Nairobi tech incubator iHub, on Galana Road.

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