Dynamic Retail Audit


Dynamic Retail Audit

Get reliable insights to implement a data driven distribution

Getting outlet execution right 

Knowing stock level, merchandising deployment and prices applied are key information you rely on your sales rep to collect. Yet, the following challenges are commonly faced by FMCG brands:

– Sales rep lack time to visit all outlets

– Current tools (paper and Excel) are inefficient

– No analytical view of the data collected

Ensure top level execution

Optimetriks end to end automated solution helps you to perform fast and efficient retail audit of your stores, enabling you to raise your execution standards. Equip your sales rep or mystery shoppers with our mobile app and design customised questionnaires to get your KPIs.

– Design of user friendly forms. Offline mode for the app.

– Collect pictures as proof of evidence and GPS tracking

– Visualise results instantly on web analytics dashboards

Case study: Auditing bars

A Tier 1 beer company in Uganda wanted to assess several execution parameters on its distribution : products presence, the pricing compliance, merchandising compliance and satisfaction level.

– Digitisation of the retail audit questionnaire

– Design of customised web dashboards

– Definition of an execution score to base rep commissions

Dramatically improve your distribution execution

Collect, visualise and analyse data quicker to implement a scientific data driven distribution

Reduce frauds and execution failure through automated pictures and GPS checks

Grow your sales with a consistent customer experience across the outlets selling your products