Live Field Force Management


Field Force Management

Get the most of your field staff through effective tracking

Do you really know what your field staff are doing?

FMCG brands usually employ plenty of sales rep and field staff to engage with the outlets, get orders, deliver products. Yet, these issues are often faced:

– No visibility on their efficiency and working time Lack of GPS tracking

– No automated reporting of their actions

– No performance based commissioning


Manage your field force in real time

Leveraging our geo location based tracking and customisable mobile app, you can get a real view on the productivity on your staff on the ground.

– Equip your staff with specific workflows linked to their tasks (taking order, sales, retail audit, etc)

– Make sense of large dataset through our user friendly analytics dashboards

– Use the data to enforce performance based commissioning

Case study: IFC/Tigo Cash Ghana

We have deployed our solution among 60 Trade Development Representatives (TDRs) in charge of visiting, engaging and training Tigo Cash agents.

– 30,000 unique outlet visits conducted in 12 months

– Agent visited 2x more likely to be active than non visited

– TDRs with the app were doing 30% more visits than those without

Have full control on your field staff

Define performance and evidence based incentives. Pay directly through mobile money.

Improve the communication between field staff and head office through easy messaging

Ensure full dedication through geo tagged, time stamped and selfie based attendance system