Scientific Retail Census


Scientific Retail Census

Precisely identify all the outlets selling your product categories

Locate the outlets selling your products 

The first step of a Route to Market strategy is to conduct a census to gather key identity information on all the outlets distributing your product categories. Yet these challenges are often observed:

– Lack of dedicated ressources

– No appropriate tools to efficiently collect and process the data

– Difficulty in managing and updating large outlet databases

Build a reliable outlet database

Using Optimetriks end to end automated solution, deploy our app among your field staff or outsourced staff to go through all the streets and map efficiently all streets of a focus area.

– Extraction of all the streets of an area

– Constant GPS and picture monitoring to ensure comprehensiveness of the visits

– Real time visualisation of the results on our dashboards

Case study: Nairobi census

We have recently conducted a proprietary census of all the outlets in Nairobi, finding and gathering information on almost 80,000 unique outlets.

– Information available per outlet: name, contact details, GPS location, pictures, product categories sold

– Comprehensive mapping of all streets of Nairobi

– Database available on request

Ensure a comprehensive coverage of your territories

Optimise your route management through data analytics and ensure you visit all your outlets portfolio

Build a segmentation of your outlets based on their sales, size and typology

Grow your sales with a consistent customer experience across the outlets selling your products