Video on our collaboration with the GSMA

Video on our collaboration with the GSMA
December 30, 2017 Optimetriks

Last April, we were very proud be selected by the GSMA Ecosystem Accelerator Innovation Fund. Since then, we have benefited from the thriving ecosystem linked to the GSMA and multiple introductions to mobile operators. Today, we are happy to share a video describing the nature of our work and how it fits with the objectives of the grant we received. Thanks to the funds obtained, we have been able to significantly consolidate our technical team and commercial presence to improve our product.

The partnership we describe in this video is with the mobile operator Airtel Uganda, that we help to manage the field operations from their 80 field supervisors. With our unique combination of user friendly mobile application and web dashboards, Airtel can have a much more accurate view on what happens on the ground. When visiting an agent, the user will input key information about supply of float, satisfaction level, trade marketing material presence, performances compared to the competitor, etc. Our application also enables to capture pictures of the outlet and record its GPS location, giving a 360° view on the outlet. It is then reflected on live web reporting dashboards.

As a complement to information gathered by the Airtel sales forces, we leverage our community of contributors for an independent assessment of the user experience at the mobile money agent level. The core benefit of the crowdsourcing model is to be able to tap into a large base of anonymous customers to go and report information, as mystery shoppers. Our users are then paid by airtime or mobile money, enabling us to have a significant impact on their income levels.


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