Succeed in Africa traditional distribution through digitised field operations monitoring




In Africa, 90% of Fast Moving Consumer Goods sales happen in traditional outlets

While sales are growing, driven by urbanisation, demographic growth and rising purchasing power, they still occur through a highly fragmented distribution chain and multiple intermediaries. A city like Nairobi has for example more than 80,000 unique outlets. At Optimetriks, we believe that distribution needs to be scientific with a rigorous data driven approach. We have built a Sales Force Automation platform connecting all the actors of the distribution ecosystem, the FMCG company, the distributors, the sales representatives, the field forces, the retailers to improve operations efficiency and increase sales reach. Our solution relies on a modular mobile application supporting multiple workflows connected to live web reporting dashboards.


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Years of experience in Africa FMCG distribution

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What we do

Real time sales tracking

Know where your van, motorbikes and field forces are at anytime

Route management

Ensure compliance with routes defined. Optimise coverage.

Business Analytics

Through our web dashboards, see in real time sales dynamics

Customised workflows

Define the routine tasks field staff need to perform at outlet levels

Outlet Management

Register new outlets, compile a comprehensive database with pictures and GPS. Visualise on a map.

Distribution Management

Automate end to end ordering and collection processed

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Focus on FMCG

Simple User Experience

Mobile first solution

Africa based

Data science expertise

Offline mode for the app

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