Connecting Africa Consumer Goods Brands to the Traditional Trade 


What Retail in Africa is 

Millions of retailers

Africa retail is very fragmented, with 90% of the sales happening through millions of small outlets that are ubiquitous and customers value for small daily purchases

Billions of customers

Fast Moving Consumer Goods are daily needs for individuals: telecommunications airtime, soap, food, etc

A 1,4 trillion$ market

Private household consumption is expected to grow by 4% a year until 2025 (McKinsey’s Lions on the move II), driven by urbanisation, population growth and middle class emergence

They trust us

Simplify and automate your data collection  

Enough with paper and pen data reporting! Easily define custom forms with the data to collect and deploy our Android app to your field users (sales reps, merchandisers, etc) to guide them on the tasks to perform.

  Offline mode. Constant GPS tracking.

  User friendly. Take pictures, collect any data type.

  2 way communication. Query data from system.


Make data driven decisions with real time analytics

Don’t worry about aggregating, cleaning and producing your analysis. Our end-to-end solution turns the data collected on the field with the app straight into actionable web based dashboards, so you stay informed in real time !

 Web based dashboards. No integration required.

 Interactive charts and maps. Multiple filters.

Picture recognition and predictive analytics.


Be in control to define your workflows

Forget about old style custom IT deployement. Our agile web application enables you to manage your users, your product lists and the workflows linked to your distribution processes.

 Adapt as fast as your business changes.

 Integrate with ERP to add financial dimension

 SaaS mode. Deploy in weeks not in months !